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Oh my goodness! I have been catching up on books and getting my reading back under control. Its been a busy couple of months, and there seems to be no end to the insanity.

Throughout the month of July, I made it through quite a few books, but then I forgot to share them here with you! I was so excited to make a dent in my reading! I have been participating in the Reviewathon with NetGalley, and I am finally seeing some books fall off my TBR list. Here is the list I have been working through on my catching up on books phase!

July Reads

  1. The Invisible Hand and Other Ghost Stories – H. Carrington
  2. How Ghosts Influence Us – H. Carrington
  3. Supernatural Horror Stories – E. Nesbit
  4. Native Companions – J. Barnett
  5. Elizabeth of Bohemia – D. Elias
  6. The Secret of Lost Stones – M. Payne
  7. Black Flag of the North – V. Suthren
  8. The Woman In Our House – A. Hart
  9. Cherry Nova – K.M. Pollack
  10. The Hangman’s Secret – L. Rowland
  11. Isaiah’s Daughter – M. Andrews
  12. A Fire Sparkling – J. MacLean
  13. Defender of the Texas Frontier – D. Gross
  14. Listen to the Wind – S. Dunlap
  15. Humorous Ghost Stories – D. Scarborough
  16. Dark Stories of Madness, Murder and the Supernatural – C. Willis
  17. A Witch’s Bestiary – M D’Aoust
  18. Blood Moon – J. Sedgwick
  19. Say Nothing – P.R. Keefe
  20. Agrippina – E. Southon
  21. Owen – T. Riches
  22. The Crossing Places – E. Griffiths
  23. Guys Read Terrifying Tales –
  24. Between Worlds – K. C. Holland
  25. Bloodcurdling Ghost Stories – C. Dickens
  26. The Invited – J. McMahon
  27. The Pharaoh’s Treasure – J. Gaudet
  28. Reign of the Marionette’s – S. Macleod
  29. Mrs. Blackwood – A. D. Wayne
  30. Frankenstein – A. D. Wayne

August Books so far:

  1. The Year of the Snake – MJ Trow
  2. Rebels Against Tyranny – H. Schrader
  3. The Patient – S. Holmes
  4. Raven Lane – A. Cowie
  5. The Hollow Queen – S. Ficklin
  6. One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow – O. Hawker
  7. Poor Lamb, Poor Lamb – H. Hudson
  8. Warrior’s Creed – R. Sparks
  9. Every Single Secret – E. Carpenter
  10. Nell and Lady – A. Farley
  11. I’ll Never Tell – C. McKenzie
  12. The Road She Left Behind – C. Nolfi
  13. I Held Lincoln – R. Quest
  14. Succubus – R. Sheehan
  15. Reconstructing the Shield of Achilles – K Vail
  16. A Little History of Archaeology – B Fagan
  17. Murder Among the Tombstones – K. Carter
  18. Sons of the Sphinx – C. Carpinello
  19. Haunting Stories – E.F. Benson
  20. Two Lives of Grand Duke Michael – M. Roman
  21. Lost Carousel of Provence – J Blackwell

As you can see, it’s been a busy reading time! I am still reading away, and catching up on books before the end of the month! Do you set reading goals for each month, or each quarter? I am determined to knock out about 60 more within the next two months.

Share your goals with me!

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