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When it comes to finding the perfect community for you, it can be hard, especially if you are specifically talking about books. However, now and again you can find a place where your creativity and share in the work of others.

If you have not found The Write Reads on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, then you are missing out! This community has done so much to help book bloggers get their work seen! But in addition to that, it has built a community of people working together, and bloggers coming together to support each other and give a boost. It has been one of the best communities that I have found, and I have loved being a part of it.

Why I Love The Write Reads

It can be really easy to say you love something, without giving to much thought to the reason. But there are several reasons I love the Write Reads!

  1. They are supportive – If you are having a rough day, or just needing a lift, your book friends are there to help brighten your day and pull you out of your funk.
  2. They care about book bloggers – Being a book blogger is hard work! There are many who struggle to find their audience, and the Write Reads really helps to get book bloggers out and present in the community. Not only do we share a love of books, but we are also constantly finding new books to add to our ever-growing piles!
  3. They are authentic – Now this is a big one! There are several who say, “Awesome job,” without really looking into what you are posting. They do not take the time to get to know you, as an individual. They know your blog, and what you share online, but they do not dig into WHO you really are, and what makes you so passionate about what you are doing.
  4. New bloggers get seen – Well, I sort of touched on this one above already, but this is huge. When you are just starting out, it’s hard to get noticed, and have someone actually read your blog. But this community, they rally, they care, and they read what you are writing.

Now, I know I said a lot of reasons, and I shared four. But there are so many more reasons why I love this group! We have awesome book tours, we get to interact with authors, but here is the most important: WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER.


This community has been amazing over the past year that I have been involved with them. We have seen growth, we have seen heartache, we have gone through great books together, and we continue to support and share what our favorite, and sometimes, not so favorite reads are.

If you are looking for a community, then you need to check this one out. This is honestly one of the most transparent and caring places that I have found, and I look forward to the many things that are coming in the future.


Thank you Write Reads, for being so awesome, and for sharing our love of books!


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