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So, I am bringing a new review to you! Cherry Nova is available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Read on below to get more information and my review of Cherry Nova!



Cherry is not sure who she is. She has no memory of what her name is, or what she is doing in the little room where she woke up. The first thing she notices is a dead man on the floor, and she is terrified, not knowing what or who the person is, or what happened to him. As she tries to figure out what is going on, she realizes that there is more to her than meets the eye. As she begins to discover the power dwelling within, bits and pieces begin to come back to her. Noah, the one time love of her life is trying to help her, as well as Bucky, the person who found her hiding at the docks. But it is going to take much more than the two of them to stop the true power at play.

When Max enters her life, she has a new safe place to go, while Bucky is in the hospital, but there are those who know her for what she is, and she cannot keep it hidden from Max forever. Finding Soul and taking care of the sickness that he has brought into the city is more than one person can handle, and Cherry Nova is determined to bring a stop to it. As they work together to find the strength and numbers needed for the task, they are going to discover even more, and it might cost them their lives in the process…


~My Thoughts~

So, to be entirely honest, I was not blown away with this story. A lot of it felt too predictable, and there were other aspects that I thought could have been left out, while smaller details could have been expanded on to make for a more full story. I read the entire book in about two hours, so it is very easy to read if you are looking for a cushy weekend book. While the concept of the book is intriguing, I honestly just did not feel that it moved me in the way I was hoping it would. I would say that this is a book for mature audiences only, due to violence, and some scenes within the book itself. There were some sections that really felt as though a thorough edit was needed, as some words didn’t fully fit what the author was trying to say, and some of the usage didn’t make sense at all.

I would rate this book 2.5/5 stars.

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