Audiobooks are something that not everyone can get behind. While they have their uses, it took me a long time to get into using them. For years, I was an avid avoider of using audiobooks of any type. I was trying to figure out why people loved them, and I could not get into them. I mean, reading is what I do. Being able to have the ability to read while working, walking, or driving would be amazing… right?

Well, it took me a little bit, but I finally figured out the magic ingredient, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

How to use Audiobooks

So when you are deciding to give an audiobook a chance, there are a couple things to take into account. First, you have to know what your reading speed is. If you read fast, then you need to move the speed of the audiobook up. If you are slower at reading (and that is just fine), then you want to keep it at the normal level. Most audiobooks give you an option of adjusting the speed, so you can find the perfect speed for you.

When you find this, then you can listen to audiobooks with ease.

Moving forward with Audiobooks

Now that you know how to use audiobooks, its time to get started. Now, you have to find the perfect book for you! There are several places to get great books, but I always suggest starting at the library. You can find so many awesome things there, and if your library has an app, you can download books from there as well. There are also places such as where you can get a subscription (and I use this one, so if you have any questions, let me know). I love having audiobooks at my fingertips. I listen to them when I work, or when I am on long drives, and get tired of listening to music.

More and more books are being turned into audiobooks, and all you have to do is just do a little search! Do you have a favorite audiobook? Share it with me!


2 Thoughts to “Giving Audiobooks A Chance”

  1. I find it harder to follow the story if I’ve never read the book….most of my current audiobooks are books I’ve read before! Does that defeat the purpose, i wonder?

    1. Rebecca Hill

      I get it! I had a hard time with them too, until I found books I really wanted to read, but had to work! I have been zipping through some books now 🙂

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