chasing graves

When it comes to finding new books to read, sometimes things just jump out at you. I chose to read “Chasing Graves” by Ben Galley for part of the large book tour that is being run by The Write Reads. Now, if you are familiar with The Write Reads, you HAVE TO check them out. Ya’ll it’s a fabulous group. However, Chasing Graves jumped at me, it just looked really appealing. If you are looking for a new author to read, check out Ben Galley’s works.

First Chapter Review

Caltro Basalt is a locksmith, but he is not above using his talents to break locks as well. In his spare time, he is a thief. After a journey, he is thrust into a city where one must survive the night, as your life is worth nothing. Ghosts are used to work for the living, and the more ghosts you have, the better off you are. As he runs for his life, he is doing his best to stay ahead of all his pursuers. There is one that is determined to claim him…

As I stated, I signed for the first chapter review. I just might have read a little farther than the first chapter. The book is fabulous, and I can already tell that there is going to be a book hangover just waiting for me!

For sensitive readers, there is a language advisory, but from what I have read, it is going to be a fabulous and fast-paced book. I cannot wait to dive back in and read the rest!

Grab a copy of this book today, and settle down for an evening of terror, fantasy and adventure. You will not regret snagging a copy of this book.

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