The Wife Between Us

When it comes to working with other bloggers, it is fun to get inventive! We did a collaborative book review on “The Wife Between Us.” I love working with Chrissy! We have so much fun when we are coming up with ideas for fun posts, and so much more! Here is our review, what do you think??

What did you like about The Wife Between Us?

Chrissy’s Review – This was a very cleverly written book, it oozes sophistication & class. That was my initial thought after reading this novel. I absolutely LOVE the fact that it was written by two women! Very affluent women at that. Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are both successful career driven women so they definitely knew their stuff. This book was very easy to read, I mean you seriously fly through the pages, it’s definitely a page turner, especially in the beginning, it has you hooked in and has a good plot. There were some pretty good twists in this book too, one big one in the middle and one at the end that I didn’t see coming.

The twists themselves were more subtle but very very clever, not anything sort of shockingly huge, it was more a classy understated twist, which fit in with the style of the book. I also liked that there weren’t too many characters in this book, the novel mainly follows 2 main characters and how their lives intertwine with each other so it was very easy to keep track of who you were reading about. It’s an NYC based classy domestic thriller.

Rebecca’s Review– While the book had its highlights, I am going to admit to being a little disappointed with this one. As I was reading, I was having trouble keeping up with which wife we were talking about. The husband was a total sleazeball. While I found myself feeling a little sorry for these women, there was something about them that irritated me. I am not sure that I can really put my finger on what it was, but there was a tone throughout the book that just rather made it fall flat for me. I was expecting a bigger bang for the buck.

What were your critiques on The Wife Between Us or dislikes?

Chrissy’s Review– In a way, I was actually expecting more suspense than what the book actually delivered. I soon realised that this book was more about building the story of these women and their marriage than it was about crazy plot twists and suspense. It was a very subtly and carefully written domestic thriller. I liked the story itself, but I wouldn’t say that it’s one that would really stick with me after I read it. I tend to like more sort of action based thrillers with a bit more oomph. Where this book sort of took it’s time, to really tell both sides of the tale so you would get a more rounded feel of the story. Which was great, but again, not very memorable. The book did keep my attention throughout the story, but some part of me sort of kept waiting for that ‘WTF’ moment, which never really arrived, the book had a steady pace from beginning to end.

Rebecca’s Review– When it came down to the end of the book, I felt as though the writer was building toward having a sequel, but after reading this one, I am not sure that I could sit through another one!

There was suspense. There was a little romance. The want for revenge, they want to try and maybe save someone else from making a mistake. But the story just didn’t pull together for me in a way that made it worth reading the entire book. Maybe there were too many expectations built around it – I don’t know.

Any further thoughts or comments?

Chrissy’s Comments– If your a fan of domestic thrillers, then this could be the book for you. This book also really reminded me of Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty, as well as Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris, both books had very similar stories to The Wife Between Us, in terms of domestic abuse and dominant male characters. If you liked either of those books then you’ll like The Wife Between Us. It was a good story with good characters but for me, it did lack a bit of a crazy plot twist which I thought it would have, but I did appreciate the great storytelling in this book, and how cool was it that it was written by two women! I normally tend to try and not read too many domestic thrillers because they kind of make me feel sad & deflated, but this book got a lot of hype and I wanted in on the action! Ha If you want an easy to read, classy domestic thriller then this is defo the book for you.

Rebecca’s Comments – While this thriller, didn’t overly “thrill” me, there are some fabulous ones out there that follow the same tone, yet really deliver a wallop that you didn’t see coming. “Whisper Me This” was a fabulous book that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. “Rapid Falls” is another that delivers a punch that will leave you totally breathless. While I may not have loved “The Wife Between Us,” don’t take my word for it! You might absolutely love the book – it has some pretty fab reviews. Remember, we don’t all read the same book!

Chrissy’s Rating-7/10

Rebecca’s Rating5/10

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