Where Do You Go To

Its time to bring a new book review! Where Do You Go To is a book that follows a young woman from the orphanage to become the daughter of an ambassador from France. Get ready for an interesting ride!

If you have read it, what did you think of the book?

Book Review

Marie-Claire does not know who she is. She does not remember anything beyond bumping her head and laying down in the Church where it is warm. When she wakes up, she is in an orphanage run by nuns. There she settles into a life of day to day, wondering if she will ever be adopted, and what the future will hold for her.

When a chance encounter brings a new life to her, she embarks on a glittering journey as an embassadors daughter. Easily able to learn languages, she is able to adapt to the surroundings that they find themselves in. She immerses herself in art and ballet, expressing herself and searching for her past.

When her father is stationed in Russia, she is invited to join one of the premier ballet schools and there begins her journey into the life of a ballerina. As time progresses, along with her skills, she discovers that her father is being blackmailed by a few members of the KGB. Angered, she storms out of the school, refusing to go back. After explaining to her parents why she made that decision, they back her up and send her back to Paris to study art.

The thought of where she came from is still in the back of her mind, and a chance encounter just might break open the memories that she has suppressed for many years…

A fabulous and flowing tale of the journey of a young woman as she navigates the many political and intricacies of life. This book was amazing, and one that was captivating from the start. I had a hard time putting this book down, and I would highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys historical fiction, especially from post World War II, and through the Cold War. A great journey on the road to discovering one’s self.

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