Boing Boing Bushes

There is a great new book for kids available now! I cannot wait to share more with you about “The Boing Boing Bushes” and the Pasta Kidz new adventure!

Y’all have heard me say it, and I am going to repeat it – finding books that kids will enjoy, and maintain their interest is crucial. If children do not develop a love for books while they are young, then they have a very slim chance of enjoying it when they are grown.

Bryrony Supper has created this fabulous line of books that draw young readers in. There is even a coloring sheet in the back of the book! How cool is that? Read a fabulous book, and then get to color a fun page?

~Book Review of The Boing Boing Bushes~

The Pasta Kidz are getting ready for the Pasta Games. As they are getting ready to play, they realize their ball is gone. So as they work on finding another game to play, they discover the perfect one! The Boing Boing Bushes.  As they play, they find out where their ball is. The Pasta Beasties have it and do not plan to give it back. What are they going to do?

Find out what happens in the Boing Boing Bushes!

~My Thoughts~

I really loved this book. It was fabulous! My kids really enjoyed reading it as well. I think one of their favorite aspects are the color sheets at the end, and the chance to bring their favorite characters to life. The Boing Boing Bushes does not disappoint! 5/5 stars according to the kids!

~The Surprise~

I have a copy for SOMEONE! One lucky person will snag a copy of this book! Drop a comment and tell me why you want to read this book! I will choose someone on 10 May 2019.

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