March has been a busy month so far for reading! There are so many books and so little time! I have been reading as fast as I can, although, this month has had its own fun. In the last blog, I shared that we had moved, so it has been a busy couple of weeks of catching up on work and trying to get a house unpacked.

However, that does not mean that reading has to stop! I have discovered some fabulous books and I cannot wait to share them with you! There are kids books and adults reads too!

Books To Read

  1. Dog’s Advice – Sean Stroud – Kids
  2. In Blossom – C. Yooju – Kids
  3. Percy Shelley – Vandermeulen – Young Adult
  4. The Escape of Robert Smalls – Jehan Jones-Radgowski – Kids
  5. Postcards From War – Vanita Oelschlager – kids


stack of books

There are more that could be added to this list, but I have blogs already planned for them. I have been focusing on some kids reads. I am needing to find some books that my boys are going to enjoy, and want to read. Although, let’s be honest, sometimes a kids book is just the tonic someone needs to make it through the day.

Check out the above books and have a fun afternoon of reading! A library is a great place to being the love of reading, and it should be explored when you have a chance. It is so very easy to get lost in there, and discover new adventures!

Now, I am going back to dive into some more reading! There are going to be some fabulous new books hitting the blog soon! Be sure to check them out! Share what you are currently reading as well! I love adding new books to the mountain that we have going on here at the house!



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