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Reading is a passion. Always has been, and I do not see that changing. When you find books that you can devour, and then read again, it is a pure pleasure! I discovered novelette’s from Brey King earlier this year, and have read everything that she has released so far. So when I heard that Faith’s Mate, which is book four from the Perfect Mate series was about to be released, you can bet I was stalking the internet waiting to get my hands on it. Now, before I go any further with the review, I am going to tell you this. These books are PERFECT for a quick read. You can read an entire book on your lunch break if you want! They are short quick reads, and I love those types of books. Simple, exciting, and just enough to keep your imagination running.  If you enjoy paranormal romance, you will enjoy these! They are clean romance, which I prefer.  I read this book in just under 30 minutes, and I love it! I think it was honestly my favorite out of the four! But I have held you in suspense long enough, so here is my review…

~Faith’s Mate Review~

Faith has played second to her sister for their entire lives. But when men enter the picture, things take an entirely different turn. Faith is tired of her sister Karma getting everything, even if its something that Faith herself wants.

Fath has finally had enough. She storms out of the house and decides to cut her family out completely. She changes her name and begins to make new friends. Taking a job to keep herself busy, she works on forgetting about the heartaches of the past. However, her past is not done with her, and she is about to be put into a situation that she might not make it out of…

Now,  I can’t ruin this book for you! Each of the four books builds on each other. Now, you can read them as stand-alone books, but when you read them all, then you get the entire picture. No lie, you can read the whole series in an afternoon! Got a weekend to read away? Check them out! You can read them all, and still start another book! All of the books by Brey King are available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, and I am sure a few other places. Get over and take a look! Then let me know what you thought of the book!


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