Pasta Kidz Sorry Sticks

When it comes to getting kids to read, you have to find something that is going to hold their attention. Attention spans are shorter these days. When I try to read to my kids, it can be maybe ten minutes before I lose them completely – depending on the book. There are some that we have been able to sit and read together for longer periods. When you find cute little books that are entertaining and fun,  you jump at them! Bryony Supper has created a little series for kids, and they fulfill everything! Cute little stories, lessons in manners, and friends helping each other out.

In the Sorry Sticks, the Pasta Kidz learn what it means to say sorry and really mean it.  When one of the Pasta Kidz gets a Big Ticket, they must learn what they need to do to resolve the ticket. But they cannot figure it out alone. They call on their friends to help. Together, they know what needs to be done, and make sure that everyone knows! Where would we be without our friends!?

I can’t recommend this book enough! My boys and I read it together, and when it was finished, my youngest made the observation that sorry is a term that is used a lot, but it never really gets the meaning that it should. He said that many people say it, but don’t really mean it. For a young kid, that is a big revelation. If you are looking to get your younger kids some great books, then you need to check out the Pasta Kidz series. Like I said earlier, you get fun, manners, and learn a little something in the process! I look forward to reading even more from Bryony Supper and the Pasta Kidz. Each book is a grand new adventure. We have read the first two books a couple of times now!

We deemed this book to have 5/5 stars!

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