Teddy - A story of the Teddy Bear

Growing up, I remember having teddy bears that I just could not be without. I loved those stuffed animals like nothing else. I still have a couple of them today, saved away in a box for safety. I have bought them for my kids, little loveables that they can hug on when daddy is deployed, or mama had to be gone. When you are in a military family, there are little things that you use to replace to hugs that you might miss from one parent. You can even add voice boxes into them so they can hear your voice when you are not there.

The story of the teddy bear is one that not many people are familiar with, and that is a shame. It is such a fun and interesting story – from a President who loved to hunt, yet refused to kill a small bear cub. This book releases in May 2019, and is one that your kids will enjoy reading again and again! Be on the lookout for it! In the meantime, here is a short little review!


Who didn’t have a Teddy Bear when they were younger (or still) that they didn’t love? The story of the Teddy Bear comes to life in this little book! President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub, and the subsequent cartoon about the incident led to the creation of one of the nations most beloved toys! Two toymakers decided to make the little bear showcase in their store window but first requested permission from President Roosevelt to use his name with the toy. He gave his permission, and thus, the Teddy Bear was born!

This book was so adorable, and a fun read! I loved it! Your kids will adore this fun little book, and get a little history behind one of the worlds most popular toys!

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