The Inventing Tubes

Every now and again, I find a super cute book for kids. We had fun reading through this book! When it comes to keeping smaller kids engaged in reading, it can be a bit more difficult. But Byrony Supper has a new series coming out, and kids are going to LOVE these books!

The Pasta Kidsz& Petz Adventure “The Inventing Tubes” is full of fun – but it also cautions patience. Patience is something that I have struggled with for years, so I have tried to instill in my kids the value of patience. This book goes through what happens when we rush doing something that takes time, and what can happen if they are not done right.

This book was so adorable! Get a copy of it for your young readers today! There are more books in the series! Be sure to look for them all now! Head on over to Amazon and check this book out today! “The Inventing Tubes” will give your kids ages 4-7 a good chuckle, and a nice little story about patience!

Christmas is just around the corner, so get them something that will keep them chuckling, and introduce them to all the Pasta Kidz collection! These books are COMING SOON!

Thank you to Bryony Supper for the copy of the book!

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