Good day! I hope that this summer is treating you well so far! It has been a really busy one here already! Working on the blog has taken a backseat to many of the adventures that kicked off the start of summer. We took some time off from home-schooling, as we were all needing a break. We are going to enjoy a little downtime before we dive back in. I am hoping that the boys enjoy the break as much as I am. They are going to get a little traveling in, and of course, I am getting a much-deserved break.

I wish that I could say that there has been a lot of reading going on. Things have really been slow in that department lately. There are so many fantastic books, and yet, so little time. Sleep has to happen once in a while. I think I might have slept once or twice this week – I think… that is still rather open for debate. My book list continues to grow, and there might be a slight issue when we eventually move. I mean – how many books are TOO MANY? There is no real answer to that, but in my view, there can never be enough books. At this point, I could open a small research library in my upstairs closet. We can all just hope that the shelving holds together and not come crashing down in the middle of the night! While I was looking over my to-read list for this year, I realized that I still have 131 to read and blog. As of today, there are 86 finished books that have been added to my pile. What an epic year it has been!

I have been looking over the blog, and formulating new ideas. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE having each and every one of you here with me! Books and life tidbits are always fun. But I am ready to start branching out a little more and adding some new content and ideas to the blog. When I first started my own personal blog, it was with the intent that I would grow it to include a lot more than just books, and the little random stories about my kids. While my life is fascinating to some, I know that it is not everyone’s cup of tea – and that is okay! I am a very unique person and a very fluid person. There are so many things that I enjoy – books are just a small portion of that.

History is another love of mine. I enjoy reading, writing, and even debating history. I have been teaching college courses for the past 8 years, and I will probably be doing it for another fifty to come. I enjoy the many aspects, small hidden areas, and even the mysteries of history that have left people scratching their head. Ancient history has held me in fascination since the fourth grade when I read a book on Cleopatra. After that, it was game over. I could not get enough Egyptian history, and I still do a lot of reading on it today. I am also fascinated with Serial Killers. True crime has a rather morbid hold. Not that I would ever think about harming another human being, but I enjoy looking into what makes people tick, and what might go through their head during the execution of a crime. Crafting, Scouting, outdoor activities, and so many more – there are many pages left unturned on this blog as of yet!

That is not to say I am going to overload you with a million things. I actually want to hear from you! What do you enjoy, and what might you like to see included here? There are many untapped areas that we can go into and add. While books are one of my main loves, and the book blogging will most definitely continue – tell me what you would enjoy coming here to read or learn.

I have so many different ideas floating around in my head right now, that I am working on putting them all on paper, and eventually moving them into reality. This year is so full of promise. I look forward to sharing quite a bit more, and of course, getting to know each of you better!

Let me know what you think, and share some of your summer plans!

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