I have some great books to share with you! Some are currently out, while others have yet to be released. These are some really fun kid reads, that are sure to keep your child engaged during the summer. I have been sneaky with my kids so far this summer. I am giving them fun books to read, and they are learning at the same time! Talk about a win-win situation!


Outside: Discovering Animals by Maria Ana Peixe Dias

What a fun book for kids! They will learn, without realizing it! I sat and read through this book, and plan to get a copy that my kids can use this coming fall.

There are so many interesting facts here, and I found myself learning while reading through it! Kids of all ages will have fun reading this book! Add this to your must-have list! This is a book that they can use again and again!

This book releases on 5 July 2018.


Amazing World: Bugs: Get to know 20 crazy bugs by L.J. Tracosas

Do you have a little bug lover in your life? This book is a great guide to the world of bugs. What they eat, where they live, and SO MUCH MORE! It is a quick read, and kids 5 and up will enjoy reading through and learning new little tidbits about some of their favorite critters.

Jump in and get to know the bug world just a little bit more this summer, and then head outside to find and watch your new little friends.

This book is now available for purchase!


The People Awards by Lily Murray

Get to know a little bit about some of the biggest names in history. From Abraham Lincoln to some of the most popular rockstars – this book has a lot of different facts and is chalk full of information.

Okay, parents – I love giving rave reviews, but this book had a few entries that rather raised my eyebrows. I would suggest that if you are thinking about getting this for your kids, that you take a look at it first. There are some things that I am not quite ready to discuss with my boys yet. Overall, I agreed with the majority of the people included, but there are always a few that you have to wonder about. On a star rating, this would get 4 stars from me.

This book releases on 7 August 2018.


Outside: Exploring Nature by Maria Ana Peixe Dias

This was a really fun book to read through. I loved the many different facets of nature that were discussed and illustrated in this book.

I have shared this with my kids, and they really enjoyed it as well. For kids ages 5 and up, this is the perfect gateway into understanding nature and getting to know the many different aspects that make up what we view in the natural world.

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure and enjoyable time reading with your kids.

This book released 5 July 2018.


Ranger Rick’s Guide to Hiking by Helen Olsson

If you love to spend time outdoors, then this is the perfect book for you! We love to hike, and this book is chalk full of awesome ideas and tips for all your hiking adventures.

We spend a lot of time outdoors with the Boy Scouts, and this is one book that I am going to recommend to the parents of our new scouts to look into. From clothing to food, and more, this book outlines and shares information on a level that kids 8 and up will easily understand.

Get ready to learn all the safety tips and fantastic ideas for hiking! Then get outside and enjoy nature!

This book is available now.


There are a few more books that you can look into:

  1. 10 reasons to love a penguin – Catherine Barr. This book is now available.
  2. 10 reasons to love a lion – Catherin Barr. This book is now available.
  3. Grandad Mandela – Ambassedor Zindzi Mandela. This book is available now
  4. The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space – Heidi Fiedler. This book releases 3 July 2018.
  5. The Bug Lab for Kids – John W. Guyton. This book is available now.



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