Civil War soldier with flags

Crink ~A Review~

If you enjoy historical fiction, I have a book you need to read! Crink, by Norman Lowson is available now, and a fun book. Set during the Civil War, this book follows a fiction character, but introduces many of the well-known figures that you are familiar with from history. Crink Blurb: ‘The man who almost…

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Warriors Seven Cover

Warriors Seven ~A Book Review~

Warriors Seven is a great read! Get the inside view on SEVEN of America’s warriors, and what their lives were like. Barney Sneiderman has delved into the personal and political lives of these great warriors. He not only pinpoints what made them successful, but what really made them tick. What did they think, how did…

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Francis I: The Maker of Modern France – A Book Review

Francis I of France has long been overshadowed in history. He lived through the times of Henry VIII and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Leonie Frieda breathes life back into one of the major players in European policies and military movements, in such a way that you feel as though you are walking through the…

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