Ronaldo And The Phantom Carrot Snatcher ~A Book Review~

I have a new review, Ronaldo and the Phantom Carrot Snatcher to share with you! If you are looking for a great book to gift to someone this Christmas, then you need to check this book out! Perfect for kids between the ages of 6-10! This is a sure-fire way to please and engage your…

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Mrs. Blackwood ~A Book Review

I have an exciting review for you on Mrs. Blackwood! If you love vampires and the paranormal, then you need to check this book out! I am going to tell you, this is NOT your normal vampire adventure, so buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride! Stars: 5/5 Publish Date: Available now! Mrs. Blackwood…

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Boing Boing Bushes

The Boing Boing Bushes ~A Book Review~

There is a great new book for kids available now! I cannot wait to share more with you about “The Boing Boing Bushes” and the Pasta Kidz new adventure! Y’all have heard me say it, and I am going to repeat it – finding books that kids will enjoy, and maintain their interest is crucial.…

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Keep the kids reading this summer!

I have some great books to share with you! Some are currently out, while others have yet to be released. These are some really fun kid reads, that are sure to keep your child engaged during the summer. I have been sneaky with my kids so far this summer. I am giving them fun books…

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2018 Book List

Is anyone else fastidious about tracking their books!? I track through,, and of course – I have a book book. I write down everything I read, the author and how many pages the book was. I LOVE READING! It is my passion! But I enjoy giving people great recommendations. I will keep a…

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Another New Adventure

I am so excited for another new journey! I have been blogging over at for the past several months, but I wanted to reach a broader audience. I like to write, and I enjoy sharing all sorts of things with those around me! As I start out into the new adventure, I look forward…

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