A Review of “THE 21” – Living By Faith

The 21 - Coptic Martyrs

Good day, dear readers! I am back with another review! This one was a fabulous and heartbreaking read. I hope that each of you will take the time to read it, and learn more about the 21 martyrs who were killed, just for staying convicted and living their faith. Although I have the review below, … Continue reading A Review of “THE 21” – Living By Faith

How Do You Write A Bad Review?

How to write a bad review

There has been a lot of back and forth lately on writing bad reviews. Some are of the opinion that there should not be any bad reviews at all. I go both ways. There are times that a book just does not sit well. My opinion is going to differ from that of someone else. … Continue reading How Do You Write A Bad Review?

Margaret Tudor ~A Book Review~

Margaret Tudor

There is a new book coming out! GET READY FOR AMAZING. I am so excited about this one! Margaret Tudor is fabulous and a MUST read for your new year! Get it on your pre-order list today. I enjoyed this book immensely,  and read it one sitting. History is a passion of mine, and having … Continue reading Margaret Tudor ~A Book Review~

The Sorry Sticks – A Pasta Kidz Adventure ~A Book Review~

Pasta Kidz Sorry Sticks

When it comes to getting kids to read, you have to find something that is going to hold their attention. Attention spans are shorter these days. When I try to read to my kids, it can be maybe ten minutes before I lose them completely - depending on the book. There are some that we … Continue reading The Sorry Sticks – A Pasta Kidz Adventure ~A Book Review~

Faith’s Mate ~A Book Review~

Faith's Mate - Perfect Mate

Reading is a passion. Always has been, and I do not see that changing. When you find books that you can devour, and then read again, it is a pure pleasure! I discovered novelette's from Brey King earlier this year, and have read everything that she has released so far. So when I heard that … Continue reading Faith’s Mate ~A Book Review~

Teddy ~A Book Review~

Teddy - A story of the Teddy Bear

Growing up, I remember having teddy bears that I just could not be without. I loved those stuffed animals like nothing else. I still have a couple of them today, saved away in a box for safety. I have bought them for my kids, little loveables that they can hug on when daddy is deployed, … Continue reading Teddy ~A Book Review~

A Cute New Adventure For Kids

The Inventing Tubes

Every now and again, I find a super cute book for kids. We had fun reading through this book! When it comes to keeping smaller kids engaged in reading, it can be a bit more difficult. But Byrony Supper has a new series coming out, and kids are going to LOVE these books! The Pasta … Continue reading A Cute New Adventure For Kids


Every now and again, we need to do a giveaway. What better way to start than with a kids book giveaway. I have a copy of The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdom (hardcover) up for grabs! Do you want to win this copy!? Keep reading to find out more! Most of ya'll know by now, that … Continue reading Winter Kids BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Christmas Gifts For The Book Lover In Your Life

All Seasons Book Lovers Gifts

The time for Christmas gifts is here, and it can leave us scrambling to find those perfect items. Being a book lover, its hard to not just ask for books. I never know what to ask for any more! I have books coming out of my ears, and tons to get through, so I need … Continue reading Christmas Gifts For The Book Lover In Your Life

Rapid Falls ~A Book Review~

Christmas is coming, and so is the release of RAPID FALLS. You are going to want to add this to your book mountain now! I just finished reading this, and so many thoughts are tumbling through my head about this book! I am not sure that I could say enough about it, but the short … Continue reading Rapid Falls ~A Book Review~