Today, I am sharing a review on The September House. Oh, my, goodness. This book is going to reside in my top ten for the year! I love a good horror read, and this one was a perfect start to October. Be prepared, you may not want to read this one in the dark …

My Review of The September House:

Margaret has found her dream home, and when things go crazy during September, well, she has found a way to deal with them. There are rules after all. Hal, her husband, is not quite as thrilled with the September events, but throughout the first three years, they learn ways to manage — until Hal has had enough. He is determined to leave, and wants Margaret to leave with him, but she refuses. There is something about the house, something that draws her back, unwilling to let her go too far away.

As she attempts to refuse to think that Hal is gone forever, her daughter, Katherine, starts to wonder what is going on. She is determined to come for a visit, and to find her father. Unfortunately, she is coming during September, which means the house’s ghostly residents are going to be in full swing, along with the oozing walls of the house (and yes, you have to read the book to figure out what I am talking about here).

As the police investigate, Margaret is determined to keep Katherine from knowing the secrets of the house. It seems, that Hal has vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of himself behind. But the house has more secrets to reveal, and some of them will prove deadly.

Master Vale, the Pranksters, Fredericka, everything with the house calls to her, and she is determined to keep her house, no matter what.

This book, sigh, was fantastic. I was not ready for it to be finished. I wanted more. The book just refused to let you walk away (there are rules after all), and this is easily a “once you start, you will not stop” read.

If you want to learn more about the book, you can check it out here: The September House

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