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Alright, I have another review to share, and this one – well, let’s just say that while this book broke my heart, it also made me angry. There were so many places where I wanted to shout, ‘why didn’t someone do something,’ as I was reading. There were many red flags, yet, nothing was done.

Sigh, okay my dears, here is the review!

The Doomsday Mother – John Glatt

If there is ever a mother that would gain the hate of every person in the world – Lori Vallow is that person. While we have some terrible mothers in history, (I will not name them here), the hideous deceptions that Lori undertook, all under the guise of religion, brings the bile up in the throat of one.

As I read through this book, all I could think of was my sweet boys upstairs, and try and figure out what would cause any mother to want to kill their child – even if they were supposedly possessed by a demon. Chad Daybell worked his manipulative manner exceedingly well with Lori – and their respective spouses met untimely ends as their romance kindled.

While this is a tough topic to read about – the book itself is very well done. Each aspect of the case is examined, with the hide and seek game that the Daybells undertook to try and keep out of reach of the authorities. Those interested in true crime will like the book, but due to the horrific nature of the crimes, it is hard to just love it.

Thank you to the author for taking such a horrific crime, and working it into a book that we can read, try and understand, and mull over the case on our own time. And yes, I marked this book as “horror” on purpose, along with the other relevant tags.

I am giving this book 4/5 stars.

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