five boys staring a city, that they are going to defend

Good afternoon all! Today, I am going to be talking about The Urban Boys. But, before I dive into my review, there are a few things that I wanted to share. Everyone reads a book differently, and this one struck me differently.

I hope that you will get a copy of this book, and form your own opinion.

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The Urban Boys Excerpt:

Welcome or unwelcome. Fate has arrived.
“A captivating and poetic tale of mystery, fantasy, and reality tied together by action!” 5-stars, Lars Jackson, Amazon Customer
A suspenseful incident in a forbidden preserve heightens the senses of five friends. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become super-gifts that forever change the world. But furious battles confront the boys as they try to understand their sensory super powers in a race to save mankind. With light beings and mysterious strangers complicating their plight, can the boys defeat the evil Druth before it’s too late? Get prepared for the twisting and grinding of this award-winning, action-adventure story — an edge-of-your-seat narrative for young and mature readers alike.

My Review of The Urban Boys:

I really held out some high hopes for this book. It sounded amazing! However, I had a really hard time getting into the storyline. There were long dragging scenes, there were areas that really didn’t give credence into what was happening, and just added a word count to the book.

I also didn’t think the scenes around the senses, the ones being developed by the group, were really enough. That could have been given much more attention.

I enjoyed bits and pieces of the book, as there were areas that really picked up, the characters really meshed, and the story seemed to flow. It was really the chunks that felt almost forced, the over descriptive pieces, and the lack of development in areas that really drew my enjoyment in the book down.

As an overall rating of this book, I would give this a 2.5/5

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