The Murder Room

The Murder Room is a book based on the Vidocq Society. It was formed by three friends, William Fleisher, Frank Bender, and Richard Walter.

As you read through this book, you are going to be blown away by some of the cases that they cover. But you are also going to get a look at what the men behind this amazing society are like. Richard Walter I think was my favorite. He is someone that I would love to sit and have a conversation with. Frank Bender – you love to hate him, but he would still be interesting to chat with. William Fleisher is another you could sit and have coffee with for hours.

Now, as you delve into The Murder Room, you discover what makes these men tick. Find what caused them to look for the justice that was lost. Then you will cry over the cases. So many heartbreaking cases that cry out to be solved. There are so many out there that have yet to find closure, but someone knows something.

I absolutely LOVED this book! I wanted more. I was not ready for it to end. I read at any chance I could get, and I could not devour the pages fast enough. This is one of my top reads for the year. Finally, for those that love true crime, this is a book you CANNOT miss!

Grab a copy, and discover the heartbreak and redemption found in this story.

The Murder Room blurb

Three of the greatest detectives in the world–a renowned FBI agent turned private eye, a sculptor and lothario who speaks to the dead, and an eccentric profiler known as “the living Sherlock Holmes”-were heartsick over the growing tide of unsolved murders. Good friends William Fleisher, Frank Bender, and Richard Walter decide one day over lunch that something should be done, and pledge themselves to a grand quest for justice. The three men invited the greatest collection of forensic investigators ever assembled, drawn from five continents, to the Downtown Club in Philadelphia to begin an audacious quest: to bring the coldest killers in the world to an accounting. Named for the first modern detective, the Parisian eugène François Vidocq-the flamboyant Napoleonic real-life sleuth who inspired Sherlock Holmes-the Vidocq Society meets monthly in its secretive chambers to solve a cold murder over a gourmet lunch.

The Murder Room draws the reader into a chilling, darkly humorous, awe-inspiring world as the three partners travel far from their Victorian dining room to hunt the ruthless killers of a millionaire’s son, a serial killer who carves off faces, and a child killer enjoying fifty years of freedom and dark fantasy.

Acclaimed bestselling author Michael Capuzzo’s brilliant storytelling brings true crime to life more realistically and vividly than it has ever been portrayed before. It is a world of dazzlingly bright forensic science; true evil as old as the Bible and dark as the pages of Dostoevsky; and a group of flawed, passionate men and women, inspired by their own wounded hearts to make a stand for truth, goodness, and justice in a world gone mad.

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