The Cold Vanish

I have a new book review to share! The Cold Vanish is one of those fabulous books that is going to stay with you. It will also haunt you as you think about the many that are missing, and the families who are desperate for answers.

Review of The Cold Vanish

The missing number grows each year, and many families never receive the answers they are looking for. For some, the search goes on for years before they finally find an answer. And, for some, the search and wait never yields results.

In “The Cold Vanish” Jon Billman follows one particular case, that of Jacob Gray, although others are discussed along the way. For many, not being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. For those that are extreme outdoorsmen, getting lost can be just as dangerous. Billman follows the case of Jacob Gray, befriending the father and going through the difficult years of searching for Jacob.

While other cases are discussed, many of them are not done so in-depth. This leaves the reader to wonder and begin to dig for other information. It might make one curious on who else might be missing in the Wilderness areas of North America.

My Thoughts on The Cold Vanish

I enjoyed this book, and found the information to be easy to follow. However, I suggest a notebook to note down any areas that you might want to dive further into. I didn’t appreciate his portrayal of David Paulides, it seemed catty and unwarranted – especially for someone who has done quite a bit of work into the missing in the national parks. Other than that – the book was fantastic! I would recommend this one to anyone who is interested in those who go missing, and the efforts that are undertaken to find and bring them home.

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