The Grand Duchess Anastasia, has easily become the most famous of the Romanov royal family. Pampered, loved, princess, prisoner, missing person. She and her entire family were held in different locations, until one night, they disappeared entirely. Rumors began to surface that they had all been shot, and their bodies disposed of, but Russia was in war, and there was not enough man power, or willingness to look for them at the time.
A few years later, a young woman appeared who claimed to be the lost Anastasia, and the world exploded. Many believed her, many more did not. Court cases, interviews, movies, family members coming forward claiming she was someone else, but through it all the woman we called Anna Anderson stuck to her story that she was the lost princess Anastasia. True, she knew things that most people outside the royal circle would not know but that was not proof enough.
Until her death, she clung to the claim that she was Anastasia. She would not budge from her story, and she refused all offers of buy-outs from the existing Romanov family in Europe.

The story of Anastasia has long captured imagination, brought to life in numerous books and movies. But the true story behind the heartbreaking loss of the entire royal family was not put to rest until the 1990, and the early 2000’s. While questions still remain, we know that none of the family made it out of the Ekaterinburg prison alive. The stunning performance by Anna Anderson, which lasted almost 50 years was not put to rest until several years after she herself had passed away.
While I enjoyed this read, I found it somewhat difficult at times to follow the extremely wonky timeline laid out by the author in the book. We were forwards, backwards, backwards some more, and then jumping forward, to fall backwards again. I found myself re-reading bits, to make sure that I had not missed anything, trying to piece all the information together. I have read on Anastasia before, but this almost felt more like a mish-mash of information, not as well laid out as it could have been. Still an enjoyable read, just be prepared for tangled webs, and the feeling of confusion as you read through.

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