Til Death Do Us book cover

Til Death Do Us will captivate you from page one, almost as easily as Gladys captivated each of her husbands!

From all accounts, Gladys was a young woman with a big future. As a young girl, she was doted on by her family. As an adult, she was a serial bride – continually marrying and divorcing husbands, many in quick succession.

While reading through ‘Til Death Do Us I was shocked with the amount of husbands that Gladys had gone through, but also of the very nefarious means that she used to capture a new husband. She was cunning, deceitful, and a master manipulator.

Throughout the book, we get an insight into what made Gladys tick – money. She wanted money, a lot of it, and she would use any means that she could to get a hold of the money that she longed for. But it goes deeper than that. Gladys liked the chase, getting men to do what she wanted, but the end result, marriage, was not something that she particularly enjoyed. She did enjoy some of the benefits of marriage, but it was difficult for her to remain engaged and attentive to the relationship once they crossed the threshold.

Overall, I did enjoy this read. Patrick Gallagher does a great job in breaking down the relationship between Gladys and her three husbands. While she married once more after prison, it is the first marriages we want to look at. Bigamy charges, and the subsequent murder trial that she would go through with her newest husband – another bigamous marriage, will blow your mind. The amount of evidence is mind blowing.  After just nine years of a life sentence, she was able to walk free on parole.

This book is now available from WildBlue Press and is available in multiple formats. I listened to an audio version of the book. I highly recommend this book for all true crime lovers! This is one that is a perfect weekend or beach read.


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