Caveman Supersonic

We are back with another book review! Jeannie C. shares her thoughts on The Caveman Supersonic, and we can’t wait to share the book with you!


Review of The Caveman Supersonic

This memoir is an extremely powerful and imaginative retelling of stories about kinship and brotherhood.

The setting is Southwest Virginia, an often overlooked and forgotten fortress in Appalachia. It is here where the author forms the foundation of his narrative, and even if you have never been there to experience the culture, food, people, music, and language, this collection of stories will take you there.
Centered around the lives of three brothers, the raw and poignant traumas that affixed themselves to this family paved the very different lives of each member.
Perhaps my favorite part of this book is the fascinating descriptions and imagery from the author, who sees the dark and soulful beauty in mundane or horrific things.
I enjoyed this book by delving back into the complicated sects of Appalachia. If you have not had the privilege to know it, you can have a taste of it in Caveman Supersonic.

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