I have a new review to share with you! For you history lovers out there, Living in Medieval England was a fun an interesting read. I did enjoy this one, and I think you will too! It publishes soon!

Publish Date: 30 April 2020

Publisher: Pen and Sword

Star Rating: 5/5

My Review of Living in Medieval England

If you were curious about the lives of the not so rich and famous, then you have found the right book! Kathryn Warner goes into great detail with the lives of ordinary citizens of Medieval England, with a little royal drama thrown in for reference.

While the reign of Edward II has been dominated by the She-Wolf, or Queen Isabella and her not so secret affair with Roger Mortimer, there were still the everyday people, just trying to survive during the royal tumbles. From fisherwomen, carpenters, and those who waited on the royal couple, this book will keep you engaged from the start.

I really enjoyed this one, as it was a nice look into what was going on while the royal couple was hashing out their differences (with the use of armies, of course), and the daily goings-on of those who were living, and dying, during the tumultuous year of 1326. While the war drug out much longer, this brief look into this year gives us an idea of what happened, who was getting married, and the different prices for goods, death investigations and more,

A great read for those interested in social (and some royal) history!

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