The Rise of Gaia is a book that you have to take your time with. While the storyline flows and keeps you engaged, there is more to the narrative than just a story to entertain you. I am going to share my thoughts, and my take on the book. Kristin Ward delivers another book that is profound and thought-provoking.

Stars: 4/5

Review of The Rise of Gaia:

Terran is a normal teenager, at least, until the day she turns 17. On her birthday, she is hit with visions of a dark and horrid world. She cannot get them out of her head. She does not want to confide in her parents, so she confides in her best friend and her mother. As they work to figure out what might be causing the visions that she is seeing, a medium is suggested. After the first visit, Terran wants nothing more to do with him, but the visions continue, and she must find a way to either come to terms with it or discover what she must do to make it stop. Doing that, however, could put her in danger.


My Thoughts:

I did enjoy the book, but I bogged down a little bit on this one. I have loved what Kristin Ward has written in the past, and while I enjoyed this book, it took me a bit longer to get through this one. I found that the characters were relatable, and the underlying issues that she is alluding to were not overreaching, or out of the realm of possibilities. While this is not my favorite of what she has written, it is still a fabulous book. Everyone reads a book differently, and this one has huge potential.

Happy Reading!


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