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February was a very crazy month at my house. We got word that we were moving, and it all had to happen within 30 days. We are slowly getting settled into our new place, but the sea of boxes is enough to drive anyone crazy. While it was not a huge move distance wise – moving of any kind can be very stressful. Throw in kids, homeschooling, and working on top of it – and you have the perfect storm! February definitely didn’t play nice either. The day before we were scheduled to move out, it decided it was going to snow. All good things, right?

While I didn’t have a lot of reading time, I was able to get some in. Thank goodness for audiobooks! I don’t know how I would survive if I had a month that did not include a book of some kind. I managed to finish ten books but also started about 15 more. March should be a great month for reading!

Here are the February books completed:

  1. Norman – Michelle Olson
  2. Beantown Girls – Jane Healey
  3. Dear George, Dear Mary – Mary Calvi
  4. Wilkie Collins vol. 2 – these are some great scary stories if you are into this sort of thing!
  5. Wilkie Collins vol. 3
  6. Haunted Doll House – M.R. James
  7. Gothic Tales of Terror – various authors
  8. 50 Ghost and Horror Masterpieces – various authors
  9. Civil War Places – G. Gallagher
  10. Classic Ghost Stories – various authors

While it was not a super long line up, I was thrilled that I was able to get as much reading done as I did. I am setting new goals for myself, and I am trying to hit 20 books in March. We shall see how successful I am!

Have you set goals for yourself this year? Do you do monthly or overall goals for the year? I try and do both – as it helps to keep me on track with where I want to get to. There are so many fabulous books just waiting to be discovered out there!

3 Thoughts to “February RoundUp”

  1. you have read so much!!
    well-done and keep it up – fingers crossed you can make 20 in March


  2. I don’t do goals I just read whatever or whenever I can 😅but you did fantastic! Congrats!

  3. If you get a chance, read a book about Frankie Silver…I am in her lineage!! (My grandmother 8 generations back)

    YOU are a TROOPER.

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