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Happy New Year!! This year is going to be fantastic! It is already starting off on a high note! I love getting great news, and when it comes from friends, well its even better! There are so many things that we want to accomplish in this brand new year. I always make resolutions and try to stick with them the best that I can. Finding those doable things that we can improve on, and make better are what we aim for. I don’t know if ya’ll make resolutions, but they can be good things! Here are my resolutions for this year! Maybe if I post them here, you’ll help keep me more accountable on sticking to them!

My Resolutions:
  1. Book reviews – I am DETERMINED to catch up on all the book reviews that I need to get done. I have 143 that I did not finish this last year due to migraines, even though I finished 187.
  2. Declutter my bookcases – I am going to go through all the books in my house, and only keep the ones that I know I will use for research, my kids, and of course, my favorites.
  3. Craft Projects – I want to finish 10 of the projects that I have on the go! I have so many sitting that are ready to start, but having them completed would be amazing. I have a million more that I want to start of course – and I can’t promise I won’t start one or twelve new ones.
  4. Declutter my house – I hate clutter, with a passion! I am going to go through and get rid of everything that we do not need. But, I am sure that there are others out there that could benefit from some of the items that we have. I like to donate to places that help veterans get back on their feet, and set up homes for them.
  5. Reading – In addition to catching up on the reviews that I want to get caught up, my reading goal this year is 200. I got close this year to that number, so maybe this year I can knock it out of the park!
  6. Spending more time with family – this really should be the #1 thing on my list! I am going to make more time for family this year. My kids are growing so fast – they will be gone before I know it! Planning a couple of vacations this year as well!
  7. Sleep – I am going to get my sleep back under control! Insomnia is rough, but I am going to work on getting my body more accustomed to a better schedule and getting up at a better time!

Now, I am going to stay at seven! I think that it is a good start! I will see how this year goes and maybe add to it as time progresses.

4 Thoughts to “Creating New Year Resolutions That Last!”

  1. Sorry the migraines was barrier for you last year in reading all your books. I understand I suffer from them too.

    1. archaeologistofbooks

      I hope they are better this year! I hate that you have them too! They are not fun at all!

      1. No, they’re not fun at all. I do hope they’re better this year too.

      2. archaeologistofbooks

        You too dear! Once this weather balances out it should be better

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