The Light in the Labyrinth

What a week it has been so far! This month has flown by, and if the rest of the year is going to be like this, well Christmas should arrive next week. I have been reading like mad, and have finished 156 books this year, but I am trying to push that number to 200.  While we are searching for new books and adventures, I have a new adventure to share with you. A Light In The Darkness published earlier this year, but I loved it! I really enjoyed this read. I am not a huge fan of the Tudor dynasty, as I prefer the Plantagenets and their buckets of crazy. However, this book was a bit different. It comes from a different perspective and one that was much appreciated.

Now, while the blog has been quiet lately, there will be more coming! I have so many things that I want to share with you! I just have to find the time to sit and write more than a short blurb for you! Now, run out to your library and check out this book! 4/5 stars! Wendy J. Dunn worked a bit of magic in this book!


Kate Carey is the daughter of Mary (Carey) Stafford, and niece to the queen of England. While she chaffs under her mothers care, angry at the world, she longs more than anything to be at court with her aunt, where she is sure that she will be more loved than she is at home.
Mary Stafford wants nothing more to protect her daughter from the intrigue at court, but she is holding secrets of her own, that Kate knows nothing about.
When Kate finally gets to court, she is blown away by the secrets and the scandal that seem to run rampant through the court. Her aunt is unhappy and seems preoccupied with everything but her niece. Kate begins to wonder if coming to court was a good idea.
As life in the palace begins to calm to a norm, more issues arise, and her aunt, Queen Anne starts to fear for her life. Factions at court are working to bring her aunt down, and Kate finds that her loyalty is pushed to new heights, defending and comforting her aunt. As the road leads to the Tower for Anne Boleyn, Kate is more determined than ever to stick next to her aunt – until whatever the end might bring.

My Final Thoughts

Great read, and very enjoyable! This is one that will keep you engaged from page one. Definitely worth the read. While I am not a fan of the Tudor’s, I enjoyed this book told from the perspective of a fourteen-year-old girl, while learning an entirely new way of life. Grab this book and enjoy a fabulous read!

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