Home-school headaches, for real! Well, I finally did it. I FINALLY ordered the books that we are going to need to get this school year started. I really hesitated when it came to buying a curriculum this year. I struggled with what I wanted to get, what would be best for the boys, and what would be best overall.

I did some searching, did a lot of digging, and after making several phone calls decided to go with Rod and Staff this year. I was able to customize the subjects! Some I needed to go up a little bit, while others I needed to take it back a notch. The gentleman that helped me over the phone was more than patient with me all over the place in thoughts and with questions.

When it comes to education, I am an outside the box educator. I want my kids (and the college students I teach) to start forming their own opinions. I want them to really LEARN and understand what it is we are going over. I don’t just want them to learn what they have to and then forget it after the test is over. I have been working on different ideas for them, and really trying to help them gain the deeper understanding. Of course, we have the subjects we hate, but we also have the fun ones. Finding the right mixture and the right balance to everything is what is getting us through the days.

The school year will start back soon enough. College classes have already begun, and I have a great group of students this year. The boys and I will start the school year sometime in mid-September. I am in no rush to push them through, and we are going to take it slow and easy this year. I mean, we want our kids to want to learn, not dread it. After all, learning is something that we do all our lives, we should embrace it!

If you home-school as well, what are you using this year?

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