Good day, dear readers! Summer is winding down, but there is still more time to get some reading in before school really starts back into full swing. While we enjoy these last few days, why not spend some time reading some fun little books, and learn a little more too!

If you are planning to take a road trip any time in the future, check out the book I Spy The 50 States by Sharon Rosart:

This book is fun and one that can help keep kids occupied in the car. While you are driving through many different states, there are things that they can search for. Forget taking electronics and other items to keep kids busy. This book is full of little facts and fun snippets of information. Kids will enjoy searching for the items on their list as you travel through different areas. Fun places to stop, find and more!

Available now!!

Anne Frank by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Anne Frank is one of the saddest stories to come out of the Holocaust.  A young girl who wanted a better world, and who lived in secret. After her family was discovered and sent to the concentration camps, her father was the only one who came out alive after the war. The rest of the family was lost. Her father published the diary so that the rest of the world could read her story.

This book has a great timeline at the back. This is perfect for beginning readers!

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Mother Teresa by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Mother Teresa is a well-known figure in the world, however, many do not know where she got her start.

In this book, kids will get a short look at the life of Mother Teresa, and how she got her start in the world, becoming one of the most well-known nuns in the modern age. Great for beginning readers and those who are wanting a jumping off point for learning more about Mother Teresa.

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Jane Austen by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Jane Austen is a well-known author. This little book gives beginning readers a look into the life of Jane Austen, and how her books really got started.

Great for beginning readers and those who love Jane Austen! Available now.


Get out and get some more reading in this summer! If you read these books, let me know what you think of them! My boys and I enjoyed going through these together, and my youngest was excited that he could read them on his own.

Stay tuned for more fantastic reviews…



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