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Life has been one roller coaster after another these past few weeks. It seems as if one thing can go wrong – five will. Having constant upheaval, and watching as events unfold around me – it makes one sit back at times and wonder what will happen in the end.

Today, I am sitting here watching it snow. For some reason everything calms down on snow days. These are some of my favorite days! I love the quiet, the calm, and the ability to curl up on the couch and get some reading done. Reading is the best way to relax!

I have been reading – I have just been terrible at getting the reviews transferred to the blog, so that I can share them with you. Right now, I am 43 books in for the year. There have been some fantastic reads, some blah reads, and some that are just time fillers. Discovering that I can listen to audio-books while I get some other work done has helped immensely at getting through several that I have had tagged to read for quite a while. Newer books are harder to get on audio, but that is alright! I am content to wait and watch for them to hit the platforms I use to listen through.

Do you dislike paying for books or audio-books? I do! There are some books that I want on my shelves. Favorites, research materials, and of course the must-have reads are ones that I will invest in. For all the others, I am happy to use to library and the many different apps available for reading. I have been using for quite a while to listen to audio books. I pay by the year (cheaper that way), but I can listen away to my hearts content, and get my book fill in. I also use free apps like Hoopla, OverDrive and RBDigital. I am a book junkie to the core!!

How do you get your book time with a busy schedule? Let me know your favorite methods for reading!

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