Have ya’ll ever gone through the weeks that seem like no matter what you do, it will not end!? We have been through one of those weeks – and this was supposed to be a short one!

There are times that I have to sit back and take stock of everything. I tend to run a buffet instead of just loading my plate with things to do. I am behind in life right now. Reading, cleaning, work, it all seems to have taken a dive this week through stress. I am sitting here right now, looking at five books that need to be read and reviewed within the next two days, and of course a project that needs to be completed and mailed off, as it was a CHRISTMAS PRESENT! The proper term to be applied here would be, fashionably late, LOL!

I have been writing midterms for my students, and trying to get them ready for the upcoming exams. To say that they are taking forever to write is an understatement. I am sure that my students would not be upset if they are never completed. In fact, they might throw a party! I do not think I have any Hermoine Granger’s in my class this year. I have some fantastic students, but none of them who would be disappointed in exams being canceled.

As we work into March, I am praying that this month is better than the last. February was rough, and one of those months that needed to go back to bed and try again. I hope that each person that is reading this, are working into a fantastic and productive month!

I have my list set, and I am about ready to head off on a fantastic adventure! I am going to do my best to make the most of the month ahead! One of the first things to tackle is the tax mess (I hate tax season), work a budget, and set my reading goal for the month. I am hoping for 15 books this month.

What is your reading goal this month??

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