FANTASTIC! If you are interested in the myths and legends of any culture, this book should be at the top of your list!
David Bowles goes through the history of Mexico, reaching back to its furthest myths and bringing them all into one book – from their creation story through the conquest by the Conquistadors.
Mexico has some fascinating myths, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Through the pages of this book, I was able to travel through a country I have never visited, and gain some insights into their culture. From the beginnings, journeying through the land of the dead, and then of course the glorious heroes and heroines who fought to save their people – I could NOT put this book down!
Some of the stories held me a little more than some of the others, but this chronicle was well done. Told in chronological order, the rise and fall of each of the nations who roamed, cultivated and dwelt, and eventually fell is told. The gods are brought forth and explained in such a way, that a high school student who is looking to find information on this civilization would do well to start here.
Understanding the myths and legends behind each of the cultures of this world, is one way of unlocking who the people are today. Each culture, each country has their own legends to fall back on, but the mighty warriors of Mexico have been preserved, passed down from generation to generation.
Get to a bookstore and reserve your copy today! You will not be disappointed with this book at all! Easily broken down, this will allow for lighter reading, or for those who choose to power through, you can read through the entirety within four to five hours.

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